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Our proven SEO strategies designed specifically for the Restoration, Remediation and Disaster Relief Industry consistently rank our clients in the top 3 spots on Google's first page... And we can do the same for YOUR Restoration Business.


of our clients rank on Google's first page


of our new restoration clients worked with a previous SEO partner that was not able to rank them - that's why they called us


of our new clients are referrals

Are You Using SEO To Grow Your Restoration Company?

When it comes to hiring a restoration contractor, the first place a potential client looks is almost certainly online, and to be more specific, they typically start with a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing...

...Sadly, most Restoration Contractors have no plan or strategy to be the company who appears at the top of the search results, and because of this they are missing out on loads of potential business and additional income.

This is exactly where local search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, can have an enormous  impact. Because when YOUR restoration company shows up first... and…  is positioned properly, generating new clients through local search becomes a piece of cake.

Why So Many Restoration and Remediation Contractors Choose Restoration Rank!

There are literally thousands of Web Design companies and SEO agencies out there… so what makes Restoration Rank uniquely different, vastly more capable, and why are we referred to, recommended, and requested so often? ….And how does it benefit YOU.

We're Specialists - We ONLY Work With Restoration, Remediation and Disaster Relief Professionals

Our primary goal is to help our clients build the restoration companies through authority positioning, improved conversion and search engine optimization to attract new clients… and we believe in doing one thing very very well.

Customized Approach Tailored to Your Restoration Business

We don't offer copycat packages to every client because no two restoration companies are the same, and no two cities are alike. Rather, we develop each campaign with a specific company and area in mind.

All Our Clients Get A Complete SEO Exclusivity Agreement

Many SEO service providers will sell you their services and then, sell the exact same thing and make the exact same promises to your competition across the street. That sounds to us like a conflict of interest... That's why we offer exclusivity agreements to all clients, where we work for only ONE restoration contractor in each particular area and city.

On-going Competition Analysis & Reporting

Many SEO providers make all kinds of promises with no level of future accountability. Here at Restoration Rank  we provide complete on-going analysis on your competitors, and on-going reporting to ensure we're making progress towards your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

You're interested in working with Restoration Rank, but you have more questions. No problem, below I've listed some of the most common questions and answers that potential clients ask. If you have a question that is not listed here, please reach out and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you have.


As a highly specialized restoration SEO service provider , it has never been our objective to have hundreds or thousands of clients… And although we receive a high number partnership requests, we only work with clients who meet the following criteria.

  • You (and your business) are a good fit for us and our team.
  • You are a high quality service provider with an excellent reputation.
  • You already have an established business which is already making sales.
  • You’re serious and excited about creating growth inside your business.
  • We are certain your business could benefit from our services and that we can produce a high-level of ROI for you.
  • And finally…. We only work with businesses who are looking for a long-term partnership, who have long-term vision, and… who want to position themselves as the obvious and only choice for their restoration services for the long term.

If you’re not looking to play long-term, not only are we NOT the right fit for you, but SEO in general probably isn’t the right fit either. Unsure about whether we’re a good fit but you’d like to at least explore the possibility or potentially working with us? Click the button below.


We charge a monthly retainer fee for our services. That retainer fee is built based on the number of hours required each month to complete the work to achieve your specific business outcome. Fees are due at the beginning of every month to retain our agency. Our services are not expensive starting at $2000 per month, but still not ideal for everyone. Each projects individual pricing is based on it’s complexity, your competition, your current positioning and other key factors.


We aren’t your typical “SEO Service” we play for real…. Here’s the thing: SEO Service providers are a dime-a-dozen and there are very few real “pros”… And we place a great level of pride in the fact that although we’re a small, boutique agency… We are consistently referred to and recommended for our unique ability to play in some of the most challenging, and competitive markets and locations against some of the biggest international agencies. We are not the “right” partner for every single business, but for those businesses we DO partner with, we are their unseen competitive advantage. We’re for serious businesses looking for serious results.

Why do you only work with companies making $500,000 or more?

There are a few different reasons. First, SEO is not an instant fix, it’s a long term play, so clients who need results yesterday and are stressing every month about paying the bills and ultimately paying me are not a good fit. I do SEO the right way and it takes time.

Second, I want reputable long-term clients who I can really help. If someone is looking to make a “quick buck” and get out, I’m not their guy, and any company making $500,000 or more is likely in it for the long term.

Do I make exceptions? I sometimes make exceptions for referrals from my current clients. The only other exception I make is for Restoration Websites, I am willing to work with companies making under the $500,000 mark. However, if the company has a bad reputation, I will simply refuse.


“Results” are relative depending on your business’ specific goals and also the competitiveness within the area.

For some clients, results can be seen and experienced in only 30 to 90 days. Conversely, we have clients in highly competitive markets… or… where a natural disaster has recently struck… where it takes longer to rank in first place for the keywords they want to focus on.


Most low-level SEO Services will just present the same pre-packaged “Cookie Cutter” option to all their potential clients which makes absolutely no sense at all. Why? Because no two businesses are alike, no two cities are alike, and every business has different goals and outcomes they are looking to achieve… So how would their SEO requirements be exactly the same? They wouldn’t… Which is why at Restoration Rank we build custom SEO solutions for each one of our clients based on their specific needs and business goals.


If we determine your business is an ideal fit for and we both agree on a partnership, the next step is to begin our proprietary onboarding process. During this phase we will collect all the pertinent information and laying the groundwork (or foundation) which our entire long-term strategy will be built upon. Also, it is during this phase we need our partners to be especially engaged with us, because this is one of the only times during the process where we will ask you to take some action for us (which most SEO providers skip) which will both expedite and amplify the rankings, results, and ROI we will produce for you.

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